$80 trillion world economy in one chart

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  2. Russia..lol.....what a fucking idiot in charge!
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    $80 trillion dollar world economy means absolutely nothing with a world awashed in $250 trillion worth of debt!!!!!!

    Next crisis is soon to come.....

    Global debt hits a new record at $247 trillion
    • Global debt has hit another high, climbing to $247 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report published Wednesday. Of that figure, the non-financial sector accounted for $186 trillion.
    • The debt-to-GDP ratio has exceeded 318 percent, marking its first quarterly rise in two years.
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    this type of post doesn't help your street credit... Putin? any head of state doesn't get to his position by being an idiot.

    the idiots are the ones brain washed by the 'russian collusion' MSNBC pushed for 2 years.... 1.99% GDP is not even relevant in the big stage anymore.... yet the story is only pushed because it was convenient for HRC.... if people look at this chart and come up with a story, 'China collusion' should make more sense.
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  6. kinda reflects the people there as well as the guy in charge.
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    Beware of sticky door handles
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    The money stolen by Putin and his oligarch friends is not included in the chart. That's another chart.
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  9. probably disagree.peolpe have been oppressed for centuries.great great potential in russian folks but their hands are twisted and then we got wars after wars after wars.and this fucking punk kgb rat only facilitates.he`s a traitor and malefic.sold his ass for his personal and his scumbags friends benefits.he stole the most precious thing from us - our time.20 damn years.
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  10. That`s another chart equal to the Russian GDP.Can anyone imagine stealing a country`s gdp?Yeah...well...
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