80% hit rate 1 minute system

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  1. Why is there no consistently profitable system posted on internet or any forums?

    There is a consistently profitable trading system with 80 % hit rate , a system with an edge , a system with rules , a system compatible with psych ,it works daily .On Friday the system made 80 pips and can achieve it several times a week ,with very low draw downs of < 100 pips.

    I could give you the system on four pages of word document with images and illustrations of entry exit etc.By giving it free ,we don't want to put the commercial interests out of business.:D
  2. Let me spell out the reality in case newbs are wondering.

    The only system that produces 80-90% are Market Maker systems that rely on broker information regarding retail orders being pegged and flagged as they trade

    this is a dirty little secret only old timers like me know, the rest of wannabies on this site actually believe system is fair and your stop is invisible LOL

    now that we cleared that

    70-75% accuracy can be achieved with a gifted discretionary trader.

    System design non discretionary, for retail, can be as high as 69%



  3. put in very wide stops and small scalping profits will give 80% + on systems to noobs.
  4. And every time that very wide stop is it it takes out the whole years gains?!
  5. Sure , I was just making a point about stops and their relation ship to hit rates.
  6. Let us say for example ,a 80% high hit rate system uses 5 pip target and 8 pip stop .

    Over a thousand trades ,
    profit will be 1,000*0.80 *5= 4,000 profit
    Loss will be 1,000*20*8 =1600 loss

    Net profit will be 2400 .

    On an average week there are 200 trades , and profit of almost 500 pips weekly.

    Trading $100 per pip ,one could make $50,000 per week , those selling trading education don't know how to trade profitably.
  7. Yeah with a 1 to 80 ratio for target profit to stop loss and no edge, you can stay profitable for months! Then, all of a sudden, you're wiped out. Your example of a few months isn't really going to cut it. If gambling, it also helps to do martingale trading, so you can close your account sooner... That's why any statistics of a half-serious system need to include a large amount of trades with real money.
  8. I have been trading this system on and off on live accounts, and I want to go into full swing with this method.The edge comes from reading the market ,context ,entry ,probability , technical system ,disciplined execution and patience to wait for correct entry.

  9. you're obviously new at this and not being realistic.......the markets will chew up your perfectly backtested 80% winning rate system and send it out its ass....


    caveat: .....unless you have teams of programmers and phds
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    April fools!!
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