80 cents of each dollar in cali goes to pay and benefits

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  1. In California, where an estimated 80 cents out of every government dollar goes to employee pay and benefits, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) has proposed a two-tier system of pensions that offers new state workers reduced benefits with tighter retirement formulas. He also wants state workers to kick in higher pension contributions to help deal with California's staggering deficit.

  2. What's wrong with that?
  3. Lucrum


    Is the purpose of state government merely to create public sector jobs with Cadillac benefits, at tax payers expense?
  4. So you see 80% of a budget going for payroll and retirement as evidence that the employees have their jobs created for no reason and that have cadillac benefits.

    Did you know that 78% of Calpers retirees receive $36,000 or less? There is no "Cadillac" in that.

  5. LOL! Only someone like you would claim they're "extremely fiscally conservative" and think this is OK.
  6. Well it might be okay, or might not -- I'd just like one of you guys to explain why it isn't.
  7. Lucrum already did but it didn't penetrate your thick skull.

    Is that the reason for "diode" in your nic? Because knowledge can't flow in to your brain but the crap in your head can flow out?
  8. Sorry, if that's the best you can do you'll have to do better.

    Even 100% of a budget going to payroll and retirement doesn't mean anything whatsoever regarding the benefits received.
  9. It's unsustainable, dummy! [​IMG]
  10. Okay, how does a percentage of a budget communicate that?

    Let's say I have a restaurant and 80% of my budget goes for labor and rent and only 20% for food -- what does that say about the quality of my food, or the benefits received by my employees?

    (The answer is "nothing at all" by the way.)
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