8 Yr. Old Stuck In Apartment Since Sandy

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    That would make it 5 months since this girl has been outside!

    Recovery from Hurricane Sandy has been slow for lots of people in our area.

    But for one little girl in Coney Island, the aftermath of the storm has left her trapped inside her apartment for months.

    Schania Burgess, 8, is wheelchair-bound and has not been outside since Sandy hit.

    Her mother said the elevators in their high-rise building on Surf Avenue and 24th Street have been out of order for months, leaving Schania a virtual prisoner in their third-floor apartment.

    Burgess has not been able to go to school as a result and said she misses her friends and art class the most.

    Instead, she is being home-schooled by an instructor.

    As CBS 2Œs Kristine Johnson reported, Schaniafs mother said itfs very frustrating as a parent.

    gAs you could see, shefs in a wheelchair. You have to take her down the steps if you want to go outside and since the storm, like I said, she has not been outside at all,h Scherry Barnett said.

    Adding insult to injury, Schaniafs apartment is a duplex with the bedrooms downstairs. Since the elevators are not working, the little girl has to sleep on a cot next to the kitchen.

    Scherry said shefs fed up with the building and wants to move to an apartment thatfs gbarrier free,h but she said itfs hard to find one for her and her four children.

    CBS 2 tried to get in touch with the buildingfs management to find out when the elevators would be fixed. A building security guard asked CBS 2 to leave the premises and calls to the management office were not returned.

  2. if this happened in Katrina the bullshit leftists would be screaming about FEMA and Bush...
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    It is a black girl. But, yeah. Obama gets a pass.
  4. There was one comment, I have to add to.

    No one in the family can carry this girl downstairs?

    The local tv stations didn't offer any assistance to get someone to assist this girl outside for 5 minutes.

    No one ask fireman or volunteers to take her outside.

    Stay tuned,

    Section 8 elevators are racist.
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    They could have put her on a rope and hung her out the window, too!
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  10. It's a human interest story. Have you no compassion? Pspr didn't write the news, merely repeated it for everyone's benefit. Perhaps your beef is with "cbs" local news.

    Your welcome to start threads of your own. Try to keep on topic though.

    Our favorite subjects are: "Barry from 'Kenya'", brain dead science of climate change, "I'm from the gov't and I'm here to help you", "Joie de vivre" of diversity/multiculturalism, redneck constituionalism and Fox news rocks teh big one..one...one.
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