8 Years in Power?

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    Why does every idiot pundit keep screaming that the Repubs were in power for 8 years and look what they have done? Does everyone seem to forget that the Dems won control of both House and Senate in the 2006 election, and assumed that position nearly 12 months before the Great Recession began*? And then blocked or objected to just about every Bush proposal he presented until TARP, where the Dems voted overwhelmingly in support?

    I'm just saying.

    *according to NBER
  2. Because honesty and democrats don't mix.
  3. who had congressional power under the last few clinton years?
    all bush proposals in his last few years were war related. how many war related proposals did the democrats block?
  4. They are all CLOWNS
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    So you're giving the republicans credit for some of the boom during the Clinton years?
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    And a balanced budget.
  7. the boom happened at the beginning of the clinton administration. the last few years when the republicans were in power we went into the crash. see how that game the op is whining about is played?
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    Somehow I knew those evil republicans were at fault.
  9. just as much as the democrats were at fault for this crash because they took over a few months before it happened even though most of the toxic assets were invented and lending regulations dropped in 2005-2007.
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    Sounds to me like we need a whole new congress.
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