8 year auto loans??

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  1. hehe...who are these broke pikers that need an 8 year loan to buy a thirty thousand dollar car? sad...
  2. 50, then 75 year home mortgage infomercials coming to your tv soon
  3. I have a friend that owns a car dealership chain (well, his father owns it), and I swear to all of you, they are regularly getting customers who buy new cars and are getting 120 month loans.

    Don't even ask about the % rate.
  4. IBM and KO should be issuing some 100-year bonds soon.
  5. hahaha. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. its so funny to me that these are the same types of people that buy 45k lexus's and 750k homes and are making less than 100 a year. why the hell bail these idiots out again?
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    This should be illegal, just like the predatory mortgage loans should have been illegal 5 years ago.

    Otherwise, the Fed will be talking about an "Auto loan bailout" 8 years from now.
  7. With that "Auto loan bailout" will also come 100% taxation.
    Those who earn a wage will not get any money out of their efforts, just chits for groceries, housing, and gas.
    Those of us who trade for a living will have our assets taxed.
    We'll all have to send in a check for ..oh say, 25% of the Gubmint appraised value of our house and car, boat, motorcycle, stamp collection, etc etc.:mad:
  8. Yup, won't be the first time for IBM.
  9. 100 year mortgages already common place in Japan.
  10. ! :confused: :eek:
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