8 Signs You Might Be A Slave in modern age. Guaranteed to make you go double "hmm"

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  1. They all make a good point
    my favorite is 2, 3 and 6

    You might be a slave if…

    1. You hate when your alarm clock buzzes: If you don’t wake up everyday with fantastic anticipation to be alive, you might be living under someone else’s command. In fact, if you have to wake up at the same time everyday, you’re probably someone’s slave.

    2. You’re forced to pay for causes you vehemently oppose: If you’re a peaceful person but forced to pay for wars done in your name, you might be a slave. Likewise, if you’re forced to pay for corporate welfare of failed institutions while you struggle to stay healthy, you’re surely a slave.

    3. You must follow laws that your Master may break: If the rule of law only applies to you and your lowly peers while the Masters get away with murder, you’re clearly a slave in an unjust system.

    4. You think mob rule is better than personal freedom: If you believe that majority rule is always better for you than free will, then you’re most certainly a slave.“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.” Mahatma Gandhi.

    5. You condemn beliefs of others: If you’re taught to hate the beliefs of others who have never harmed you, then your mind has been thoroughly confined by your Master’s implanted beliefs.

    6. You sit in traffic for more than one hour a day: If you waste over 360 hours a year (10,800 hours over a 30-year career, that’s 450 days) commuting to a job you despise, you’re time and life belongs to someone else.

    7. You’re forced to wear a uniform: If you are forced into a dress code of any kind, including a suit and tie, you’re a show clown with someone to impress in order to receive your daily bread.

    8. You watch over 20 hours of TV per week: If you occupy your amazing mind in front of a glowing box in the room for 1,040 hours a year (43 days), then your unlimited creativity is impossibly chained to a lifetime of mindlessness.
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    Go back to your Occupy Wall Street movement you hippie.
  3. I resent that buddy. I am a full time trader. You won't see me posting during most active market events.

    I am a "hippie" because I have financial freedom to engage my intellect.

    SCREW YOU PAL :mad:
  4. And one more thing

    How long will it take for Fed and whitehouse to destroy the trust in markets and destroy my and your trading career. NOW PAY ME FOR TEACHING YOU WHAT YOUR MAMA SHOULD HAVE TAUGHT YOU INSTEAD OF SCREWING AROUND AND LETTING THE STREET RAISE HER KID
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    Can you define "active market events"?
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    The USA slave master is the IRS.
  7. i'm good with the exception of 2 and 3... I could seek a tax shelter place of course and sometimes I can think up REALLY DEVIOUS PLANS to get away with stuff but I don't carry them out, fortunately for me and everybody else...
  8. Active market events are jerking off periods to Newt Gingrich.