" 8 really, really scary predictions for 2009 "

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  1. I love it! That signals a bottom. When everyone loves the market, its time to sell. When everyone hates the market, its time to buy. I cant think of one time in our history where when a bunch of these analysts/economists/whatever got together and all agreed on the same thing that it actually happened. When everyone is saying its a bad time to get into real estate or the stock market, thats when you gotta get in, because all those jokers were telling you to buy when a 50 year old 2bd/1ba fixer was selling for 400k, or when the dow was at 13,000 they were telling you stocks were a bargain "especially financials" HA.

    Now they are all saying stay away from the market and real estate. That means buy! Buy like their is no tommorrow!

    And i cant believe the first joker...saying keep your money in cash! WTF?? Seriously? He actually said " I would stay in cash or cashlike instruments such as short-term or longer-term government bonds" Are you kidding me? If you dont keep your money in real assets like stocks or real estate, you might as well kiss that cash goodbye when we inflate our way out of this mess.
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    Thanks,Wallace. Read them all.

    Mr. Rogers had the most interesting, i thought;
    noting the ''fundamentals of GM are impaired''.''Fundamentals of Citigroup are impaired.''

    Clearly bearish, but aparently not real bearish short term;
    ''covered most of short positions in US stocks ''

    Noted 50 year lows in food ....;
    mentioned buying ag commodities...............................................

    None of them mentioned [that i remember ] some thing about real estate that is not scary @ all;
    one[1] person, or one [1] property, can make a big difference.

  3. All this means is that when it does happen, everybody who tried to call the bottom in Dec. 2008 will get cleaned out.
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    Since SEPTEMBER, I have been watching CNBC analysts and "experts" say repeatedly that "everyone is bearish, now is the time to be bullish." So you go right ahead and start buying. I am in cash and staying there until we get some solid evidence that this bear market has run it's course.
  5. Its their "job" to predict, Whitney had become bullish on bank stocks several months ago saying " their valuation looks good now", Great Jim Rogers had been predicting oil and commodity rebound for quite some time.

    As Ed Seykota said, good analysts analyze, good traders trade. A good trader does need to be a good predictor