8 port video card

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    I have used Colographics on and off for years. The Xentera cards all seem to be good. However, I have never seen an 8 head card and I am not an expert on tech issues.

    It would probably be dependant on the kind of monitors you want to run on the card.
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    I don't like Colorgraphic drivers. If you're system is all ATi, perhaps you will be ok. But don't mix it with Nvidia.
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    Yes you are right on there. DO NOT mix colorgraphics. You are asking for a world of pain. I have not had good luck mixing cards at all.

    Now that we are on the subject of mixing cards. I have an older Compaq AMD business/pseudo workstation. It has a interesting feature--an Nividia dual head head card built into the motherboard. I got it on the cheap a few years back and I was thinking about adding a couple more cards to it. It is running Nvidia's drivers already and is a pretty good machine for a backup or anything else. I was thinking it should accept Nividia cards pretty easily?? eh?? What do you guys think?

    any advice or recommendations for cards? I have some extra 19 inch lcd's and some 19 inch CRT's as well that I could run on it.
  4. I was going to ask them a question about this card but their offices are CLOSED.:(

    Tech support also appears to be on vacation until January 3rd?

    A little dissapointing, although I might consider this card for a new system simply because it takes up only ONE slot. I've always used matrox for multi-monitor setups.
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    TGM, I recommend Quadro NVS 280 from PNY. You can get them in AGP, PCI, or PCI Express versions. Add as many as you need.
  6. "3rd party" cards and drivers are usually in for difficulty in multi-card setups. I strongly suggest traders use only *genuine* maker versions.

    I have NEVER had trouble using genuine maker drivers and cards in multi-card rigs... I've ALWAYS had at least some trouble with 3rd party and OEM drivers and cards.... and some unsolvable.

    As for ATIs, no Powercolor, Appian, HIS, Hercules, Sapphire, Best, etc... none of them.
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    I will look them up. I think that I need a couple of Pci's. I am used to being at a desk and having tech support. So I am not good at this stuff. I just trade...:)

    Thanks for the help.

    They seem pretty inexpensive!
  8. I find the word "Quadro" in the name confusing. It sounds like it's a 4 port card, yet it's really a 2 monitor card.

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