8 monitor setup for sale

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  1. work statiion.jpg I have 8 monitors with stand and all cables for sale
    the 6 lower monitors are Gateway KX2153's, 2 Samsung Syncmaster B2330 on top.
    The stand is a 6 monitor desk stand with two wall mounts attached to the top.
    I'm switching to either a 4 monitor, or one big curve screen. I'll let it go cheap. I'm thinking $400.00 cash for all of it. I paid about three hundred for the stands, Probably over a hundred in cables. So basically, the monitors are free. Just needs to be off my desk soon. If you live in the South Florida area, you can swing by and see them (and hopefully take them) Send a text to me (561) 236-1290. evenings only. Tony
  2. Would you consider shipping them?
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    It will sound wild. But greyhound bus maybe the best way to ship if you decide you want to.

    Shipping will be around $100-$150 due to size. You have to drop off and buyer has to pick up from the bus station. But you can ship kinda of big stuff cheap. You can buy a rubber maid tote and pack on the monitors in it and duct tape it shut. Depending on the stand you could pack that kinda of easy.
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    Thanks for the Greyhound idea-- great for moving illicit materials!
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    This isn't your post so why thank me. I had no idea that monitors where illicit. They are large and cost effect way to ship is grey hound.

    And they also have a fairly neat system to catch illegal activity of kickbacks to the employees.

    You just troll people. Get a new hobby maybe this time it will be not to be a dick.
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  6. Touchy, touchy! I think he was just observing that Greyhound could be used to ship sensitive materials, not addressing the monitors particularly.
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    Maybe i am touchy. Just check out his other posts.
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