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  1. Hello Markets Participants !

    For this nice post I would like to thanks first the Dictator aka Mr Baron. Thank you for this great forum. However it would have been impossible without all the great Participants. I can't name them all. But to All of you thank you very much for your help, great real life experiences sharing and teaching trough all these years. Particularly those who have taken the time to answer some of my questions. It's on this forum that I have learn so many things. Thanks.

    We all know too well that the Markets are really misunderstood by so many people in the world and so create fears for those who don't know what it's all about. So it was important for me to congrats us in this day of Love :D. I love the Market :D.

    And finally a special thanks to all the Investors, Traders, Speculators, "Lot(s)" and "Bots" Operators and Market Participants of the US floors. Thank you for your hardship, courage, and perseverance. Trading with/against you ( even if f%çking costly in pingtime and comm's ) was a great pleasure. Every single day I was though by the Markets some invaluable Knowledge.

    Trade Safe... :D

    But some people don't understand us. They are even really afraid. I had the illustration today when I saw in BBC World News Zeinab Badawi interviewing Terry Duffy, Executive Chairman of CME Group, and Olivier de Schutter the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food...

    So first of all, I understand why it's expensive to trade here... I don't know how Mr Duffy managed to say calm facing such an idiot as Olivier. It's impressive how uneducated and how little he knew about the reality of Speculation... to tell you the truth it's crazy that such an Unelected (n)Official was such a fool. And so how is it possible that in the UN there are such fools running around, handling such tasks ? It was pathetic to watch... I was dreaming to see Mr Santelli VS Olivier de ... :D Video conf is a necessity :D

    So I am just asking, what to do with this constat ? Are all the People at the UN like him ? Uncompetetent people dealing with issue of the most importance ? Is he the exception or the main elevators in all the Un Organisations are full of them ? The worst in that it's that with my taxes I pay a sucker like this... Frustrating. How to elevate them and make them realise and understand what the Markets are and how speculation works ? Who are the people working there ? What do they want ? IMF = UN ?

    Why they may hate us ?

    1. We think freely. And our blood (money :D) on the street is the clearest reminder of this imperative.
    2. We trust each others. I need you to trade as you do need me. And this trust is done freely
    3. We are free to come and leave the floor as we want ! Our Will determines our Fate
    4. and the worst... Uncharted territories are where we live :D...
    5. We are all United in the Match and Divided in the Spread...
    6. We trade by our rulez
    7. Isn't it enough ? :D okay :D We buy / We sell or We short / We cover even sometime we enter in so complex strat that only the one making it knows what it's for :D
    8. We are the Liquidity .8

    And excuse me... but I don't like to be in the middle of a Target ( CF their logo )...


    And for the FMI :


    Infinite Universe doesn't mean Infinite Earth(s)...
    To Know ;)

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