8 flat screens, one computer and a question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lar, Feb 19, 2007.

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    I have found the 22" flat screens I like (Dell E228WFP) for under 300 bucks each.

    What is the best way to connect them to a single computer (which I have not found yet)?

    I'm looking at wall mounting them in a corner between two windows in a 4X4 configuration.

    Any help here?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Easiest way would be to use 2, quadhead video cards from either Matrox or Nvidia Quadro NVS (preferred)... you can pick them up used on eBay.

    Just be sure (1) to get the right ones to fit into your available slots and (b) the cards can display the native resolution of the monitors.
  3. I have the quadro 400 hooked up to 4 22's, and it works well. It fits in the PCI regular slot, so most computers have at least 2 of these slots.
  4. I looked at those dell 22" awhile back and thought about getting one but I read some reviews that were not too favorable so I figured thats why they were little cheaper than others. Have you seen the picture on one yet? Is anyone using these?
  5. do you have a link to the review? I'm thinking of swapping 2 of them for 24's. Thanks
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    The lion's share of reviews for the 22s were pretty good as of lately.

    Price wise I thought the 19s were a little bit more costly than the 17s; the 20s were a little bit more costly than the 19s; the 22s a little more expensive than the 20s *Then* bam, the 24s more than double in price over the 22s.

    I think I'd rather have four 22s than two 24s for about the same buck.

    Just a thot.

    Peace and gtty,

  7. Sorry I dont have the link and I dont remember where I read them. The reviews on the dell site are pretty good but I wonder if theyve been censored at all. I mean it is their site. Thats why I was hoping someone here had actually purchased one and could give a first hand review.
  8. Gnome and bandit gave you some great advice. Make sure those video cards are at least 256 meg of RAM each or better (That's 64 meg minimum per screen).

    I would like to add that you can get a Hot Rod computer now at a reasonable price point too.

    You definitely want a Dual Core that is AMD - 4400+ or Intel 2 ghz+ & a minimum of 2 gig of Ram. Keep Norton off your computer and if possible, off your entire block if you can. That program is a resource HOG!

    A Hot Rod matched up with with those monitors and you will have a system to truly proud of.

    May your trading method match your soon to be Awesome system.
    Great Trading to you.
  9. I am planning out my ultimate trading set up and I see your thread. 8 screens on 1 CPU. I don't know that any regular CPU has hp to run 8 screens? Did I miss something is the server grade CPU. That's a lot of computing power, if like me, you are using ma's and other calculations.

    I have read, and it's what I eventually plan on doing, having 3 CPU's with a total of 6-8 screens. 1 for charts, 1 for order entry DOM, and 1 for personal use.

    Just something to think about. I would stay away from Matrox cards, I have stability issues with my 4 head.
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    Thanks Profitlogic,

    Clearly, Gnome and bandit know their business. I am treating their comments like gold.

    Is there any particular "Hot Rod" you'd suggest?

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