8 Days To Mid East War?

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  2. Interesting, thanks for posting. I think they will wait til their planned date of November, this is just fuel for the fire. Similar to the attack on the Japanese oil tanker. Go long CL!
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    This sounds like it could be one large sh*t sandwich... Everyone may have to take a bite sooner or later.:eek:

    Russia will sell ANYTHING to anyone. Period! If you've got the $$$ they've got the time.

    Iran is nutty enough to pull off some sh*t, and this is all to reminiscent of the 1970's. Just worse...:eek:
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    Never happen
  5. 8 days?

    must be the reason the market is +1.5% :)
  6. Two Chineze navel werships are already docked at Greeze reddy to strike back @ Israel... It's a tricksy situetion.


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  8. The problem is you can't bomb the facility when the radioactive material is there. Sticky situation indeed. It's more than likely that nothing will happen in eight days military wise, but this does highlight the increasing urgency of the problem.
  9. Israel is not going to be allowed to bomb a Russian reactor staffed with Russians, no matter who's soil it's on.
  10. Knowledge cannot be bombed.

    Israel would not bomb, because afraid of Iran bombing them back.

    It could be that Israel is behind such talk of war, as it would allow them to make others gains such as free money if they speak less, and free military equipment, etc. Talking about war can be an asset.
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