8.5 Gb DVD-RW media really exist?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bernard111, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. The Dual Layer CD-ROM is quite common component of our PCs, but do 8.5 Gb DVD-RW media really exist?

    I can only find 8.5 GB DVD-R (read) only on sale.
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    Even if you found it, it would not be cost effective. DL DVD-R are already $2.30 each when you can get regular DVD-R at 0.35 each.
  3. Hey, who cares about DVD-Rs cuz its a thing of the past. Next year Sony will release the Blue-Ray disc which will hold about 50 Gb per disc, and then shortly after that another company will release another CD type disc that can hold 1.5 Terabyte on a single CD. So buying old technology that will be surpassed by such a wide margin is hardly worth it....
  4. humm, looking around a bit more now. I don't see a RW optional - anywhere. I really question if it exists.

    These guys don't even mention that option and they make it!

  5. Looks like that's it. Interesting. Here's another link.


    "However, at a recent roadmap update presented at the CeBIT show, no timetable was given for the appearance of dual-layer DVD+RW discs and drives."

    It looks like "plain old" DL -R/+R drives are the only ones available.
  6. By the time this crap comes out with DVD-RW DL disc and drives, the Sony Blue-ray disc and the 1.5 Terabyte disc would be out. One 1.5 TB disc is equivalent to about almost 320 DVD-Rs. Impressive isn't it? That could make way for the future of the entertainment industry. Think of what that means for movies... a holographic movie right in your living room instead of on a screen. Its now possible to think of such a thing because there's enough space on a single disc now to store that kind of information, which was not possible with a 4.7 Gb DVD.
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    At least they're making it backwards compatible to DVD's. So we can still watch our old DVD movies in a Blu Ray player. One site talks about 1.5 Exabyte discs. LOL
  8. What the heck is a Exobite disc... it sounds like health food... yuck....
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