8:31Democrats win Senate control with Webb VA victory: AP

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  1. 8:31Democrats win Senate control with Webb VA victory: AP
  2. republicans or democrats........no difference, just a "ping-pong" distractionary circus as America is slid away from the citizens control. The elites of the world will not let a free nation of citizens control the most powerful country on Earth....no the citizens are being removed from the equation day by day.

    Well at least some liberal soccer moms can "FEEL" like they made a difference yesterday..........LOL!!!!!!! :D

    What a joke the citizens of this country have become....owned by their banks, their employers, and their government! Most Americans are now 90 to 120 days of unemployment away from having to file bankruptcy......credit cards, mortgages, and all that wasteful discretionary spending. No wonder Americans can no longer spend the required time to police and control their own government...........they are all caught in a financial trap with minimal control over their current situation.

    What a BRILLIANT plan in the 60's, start the proliferation of Americans with new credit products (get Americans to compromise their biblical teachings of "no debts"). This of course right at the same time the bible was removed from the public schools for the most part.

    It did not take long to get Americans hooked on debt and spending for unnecessary consumption......wow, I wonder what got all those stay at home mom's to leave the kiddies behind and go get jobs (too many bills at home honey....get your ass out and find a job!!!). Yes, with mama now out of the home the kids were wide open for new public school and after school re-programing......dumb the kids down in school, and then dumb them down when they go home (TV, music, movies, bad unhealthy food, minimal parental supervision, etc).

    Funny how most American males know their favorite football teams stats to the finest detail, but they can't tell you with any accuracy what their kids current classes and grades are. The American citizen has almost no control over their own government any longer, but the "show" still goes on every other November to make you feel good. We are all at fault for this and we all have failed in our required responsibilities. Most Americans have enabled their own destruction, and no democrat or republican is going to make a difference because they are the problem without a solution.....that has always been the PLAN!
  3. Couldn't agree more or say it any better.
  4. Hey what happened to no negativism Chris aka 5 Pillars! Just busting your chops friend. :p
  5. That was a dose of reality and yes this situation is very negative but it does not have to be.....it is our choice.
  6. The united states is a Corporatocracy..... end of story

    a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.....
  7. I agree with that. In fact I would like to abolish the republic and replace it with a parliamentary system. That is true equal representation and would be the start of the abolition of the 2 party system. Why do we still have an electoral college? With a winner take all system there is no motivation to vote anything other than dem or repub because your vote doesn't count otherwise.
  8. Yes they are ONE of our current government owner groups.....but not the only one. Globalized large corps (who owns these...ahhhhh!) are one part of our current enslavement.

    And how many Americans in the past 30 years have run to these large companies for employment and "job security" (away from small business....the back bone of a strong America).....conned again.....LOL! :eek:

    So what percentage of America is now self-reliant and financially independent........maybe 1% to 2% at best. Wow, are we ever a strong citizen group these days.....we walked right into our own prison cell as they held that door open for us with a smile on their face. Cattle into the corral, ready to be branded with new ownership....hey at least you have your shinny new iPod to listen to......LOL!!!!!!!! :D
  9. Im definitely in favor of a parliament style government here..... it sure couldn't be any worse
  10. Agreed.
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