8:30 tomorrow Bernanke speaks

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  1. I guess market will be lower tomorrow. :D
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    nah it will be higher, its helicopter ben, how can he do wrong, I mean from what I heard he did prevent us from another great depression with his skills of lowering rates to 0% and pumping the economy with trillions of dollars, the guy is the best at helping the equity markets.

    :p :p :p :p :p
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    I'm guessing a surprise rate hike.
  4. at this point i dont see how he can avoid addressing the dollar
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    If ONLY you had clicked in the link you provided wouldn't have to ask "what to make of it"?

    Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke speech on the supervisory landscape at the Boston Fed's Cape Cod conference in Chatham, Mass.

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  6. You're right and he'll say something like it's very important to the United States that we continue to have a strong dollar :)
  7. ...read along genius.
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    He has mentioned a strong dollar many times before but doesn't do anything to fix the problem.
  9. Don't be naive to think that Bernie had no involvement in dragging down the dollar to where it is now. His modus operandi has always been "inflate yourself out of depression". Now you know why they call him the one and only "Helicopter Ben".
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