8:30 CPI wtf happened ?

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  1. FX makes no sense these days, I don't even look at news and wasn't looking for a move on CPI as this has recently been a nion event. Afterwards I read CPI was at 10 month high , so dollar should have risen logically , yet the dollar got smacked as if major dollar negative news was out.

    So what happened I don't buy the " ex food and energy CPI was as expected /tame so sell the dollar" I think , there was some major short covering or something else I didn't catch . These are killer markets, I am sure lots of funds are getting decimated these past few weeks.

    And I am not even talking about gold !
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    No. A strong economy is inflationary, which is bad for the dollar. A weak economy is deflationary, and strong for the dollar. Equities and commodities rally, while the dollar sells off on "good news".
  3. you sure about that? you know, that's why they call it the "dismal science." There are several opinions out there by economists with degrees from schools that weren't even good enough to make it into the NCAA Tournement and they all have differing opinions on what the dollar should be doing.

    Last I heard was on Bloomberg and they asked her why the dollar sold off and she said, "Yes, it should be getting stronger and follow the economy back up."

    Some say when rates fall, people like dollars to buy treasuries.

    Other say when rates rise people like dollars for the carry.

    Most say when Ben prints people don't like dollars.

    If you know anything about life you probably don't put much stock in what a University educated psychologist says about your problem.

    Most classically trained people feel the same way about economists. They have opinions and are right about half the time.

    If they knew anything we could just skip the crap and call up Harvard everyday and ask them based on the statistics what the dollar was going to do.

    At anyrate, the dollar sold off this morning, what will it do Monday?

    Personally I was long and just about getting ready to add to a loser when it dropped so fast I just took my loss on half a load.

    Now I'm long again.