8/22 Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on West

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  1. Hateful bastards.

    America should just pull out of the ME entirely and let them go back to killing each other off.

    The planet has no need for the hateful and violent.
  2. d08


    "According to Western intelligence officials" - that's hilarious, I think these were the same guys that "knew" about WMDs in Iraq.

    I think Telegraph meant the Israeli intelligence though, they're using every trick in the book to propagate war.
    Unfortunately I have a feeling they've overplayed their hand.
  3. Public Notice:
    The El Al Community Outreach Center has cancelled the September "Carpet Making Seminar". In its place, "Glass Blowing" classes will be scheduled to commemorate the obliteration of our nation.

    Happy Hunger Games; May the odds be always in your favor.
  4. This is good news as it gives an excuse to bomb them into submission, might be a way to rejuvenate the economy just like WW2.
  5. This is a good example of how common sense can overcome propaganda. Just stop for a moment and ask yourself why Iran, which clearly does not want a war (and which has not launched a war of aggression in 200 years) do something as stupid as launch terror attacks, knowing that such an act would give the US and Israel the excuse for their long-sought invasion? The answer, of course, is that Iran would not do such a thing. They are not stupid. It is the US and Israel, which have a history of almost constant wars of aggression between them, and which have a history of staging false-flag attacks to blame on their enemies to trigger wars, which are likely to stage "terror" attacks to blame on Iran to trick the people of the world into yet another long, costly, and tedious war.

    Two examples of what I mean by "False flag." In 1954, there were bombings inside Egypt that targeted British and American assets. Evidence was found that implicated the Egyptians, and diplomatic relations began to deteriorate between Egypt and the US/UK. Then a bomb detonated prematurely and one of the bombers was caught. It turned out to be an Israeli agent, tasked with sabotaging relations between Egypt and the US/UK in order to drive the US/UK closer to Israel, more to the point to keep British troops stationed in the Sinai. The plan was called Operation SUSANNAH. Israel at first denied the allegations and called them "anti-Semitic", but was eventually forced to admit their role, and Israeli Defense Minister Pinhas Lavon for whom the scandal is named, was forced to resign, although there is evidence that Lavon himself was scapegoated for others within the Israeli intelligence service.

    Second example. On June 8, 1967, during the 6 day war, Israel attacked, using both sea and air craft, the US intelligence gathering ship USS Liberty. During the attack, Israel jammed the radio frequencies used by United States Navy ship, and at the same time sent a message to President Lyndon Johnson that USS Liberty was being attacked by Egypt. A US nuclear-armed strike was in the air headed for Cairo when the USS Liberty crew finally got a radio message out identifying their attackers. But although the strike against Cairo was aborted, President Johnson and Secretary McNamera also ordered local US forces to stand down, rather than go to the aid of USS Liberty. Despite a heavy pounding, USS Liberty remained afloat and the Israelis eventually ran out of ammunition and retreated. The US agreed to a cover story of "accident", Israel paid compensation (out of US taxpayer funds) to the familes of the 34 crewmen killed, and Captain McGonagle was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. Oddly enough, Captain McGonagle was given his medal by the Secretary of the Navy in the Washington Navy Yard, away from the public and press; the only time in its history the CMH was not awarded by the President at the White House.

    So, with a history of who launches wars and who does not, and a history of who launches false-flag attacks to justify such wars, when you hear a big bang, Iran is the very last suspect you should consider!
  6. What say we use a hydrogen bomb. All over in one pop. Then we go in with antiradiation suits and start stealing their oil. Where is Condalesa. She should start the ball rolling. Try the smoking gun crap again. Oh!. I forgot!
    She's playing golf.:mad:
  7. Condi knows some things are just one hit wonders:D
  8. Doubt it.

    WWII was our "excuse" to transform America from an agrarian economy to one of manufacturing. Now that 500 million low-cost manufacturing workers are in the world market place, manufacturing isn't coming back to America in a significant-enough way. We were in the catbird seat but shot ourselves in the foot on this one.
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