$8,000 homebuyer credit to be raised to $15,000

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  1. Sorry i dont have a link. I was in grocery store this morning and saw this on the front page of i think it was USA today. But I went to their website and couldnt find it. But from what i read, they are considering to raise the 8,000 dollar credit to 15,000 soon and if i read right, its not just going to be for first time home buyers...it will be for everyone.

    If you wait long enough, im sure the government will just buy you a house. Government owned banks, Government owned Cars, Government supplys the food, socialized medicine, and soon it will be socialized housing.

    When will the people wake up?
  2. So will this a tax credit, saving you a % off of what you would ordinarily pay in taxes, or will it be $15,000 in your pocket?

    Assuming it passes?
  3. 15k in your pocket that you dont have to pay back...ever.

    California already subsidizes the 8k with another 10k.

    They are throwing money away...of course it will pass. These laws only dont pass if it SAVES taxpayer money.
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  5. Man, I sure get to pay for a lot of people's shit...

    It's fucking extortion, is what it is...
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    8k credits for 1st time homebuyers was/ is far beyond what the money supply can handle. Now this...

    What is going to happen is housing prices will go up 15k. The net benefit will be to the seller, not the buyer since prices will go up. Then everybody is gonna be like look!, housing values have bottomed and are going back up!...

    I predict this recession is going to last 30 years. Yes 30 years. 2037 is the year real GDP growth in the US is positive.
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    Only suckers work for a living and pay their bills on time. Screw that, get on the gravy train! Pony up to the trough and start eating all the slop out of DC that you can! This party won't last forever, better get some to carry you through the tough times to come.
  9. Free money for everyone!
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