79% Say U.S. Economy Could Collapse

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  1. Most American voters believe it’s possible the nation’s economy could collapse, and majorities don’t think elected officials in Washington have ideas for fixing it.

    The latest Fox News poll finds that 79 percent of voters think it’s possible the economy could collapse, including large majorities of Democrats (72 percent), Republicans (84 percent) and independents (80 percent).

    Just 18 percent think the economy is "so big and strong it could never collapse."

    Moreover, 78 percent of voters believe the federal government is "larger and more costly" than it has ever been before, and by nearly three-to-one more voters think the national debt (65 percent) is a greater potential threat to the country’s future than terrorism (23 percent).

    Who has a plan for dealing with the economy?

    Overall, 35 percent of voters think the Obama administration has a clear plan for fixing the economy, down from 42 percent last summer (July 21-22, 2009).

    At the same time the number saying the White House doesn’t have a plan for the economy has increased from 53 percent in July to 62 percent in the new poll. That includes almost all Republicans (88 percent), two-thirds of independents (67 percent), as well as a third of Democrats (33 percent).

    Even fewer people think Democrats in Congress (24 percent) and Republicans in Congress (16 percent) have clear plans to fix the economy.

    There is a large gap in party support, as Democrats (46 percent) are significantly more likely than Republicans (25 percent) to think their party has a strategy for the economy.

    The national telephone poll was conducted for Fox News by Opinion Dynamics Corp. among 900 registered voters from March 16 to March 17. For the total sample, the poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

    "These results reveal a deep anxiety about the fragility of our economy, as voters face continued uncertainty about jobs and an expanding commitment to public sector spending," said Ernest Paicopolos, a principal of Opinion Dynamics.

    Three in 10 American voters (30 percent) say they are comfortable with the size and role of the federal government right now, while 65 percent say the government has become too big and "is restricting American freedoms."

    Sizable majorities of Republicans (84 percent) and independents (74 percent) think the government is too big, while just over half of Democrats (51 percent) are okay with the size of government.

  2. This poll shows how utterly stupid most people are. Of course the US economy could collapse! Anything is possible. Could there be life on Mars? Could be. How do the pollsters define an economic collapse? Why am I bothering to post on such an irrelevant topic?
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    Excellent obersavation, Kassz. You must be well aware of the posters who only post articles from "news" agencies that only wish to stir controversey. And offer no support or counter arguments, with the the sensational headline as the name of the thread. If not, get used to it.
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    It is good that you do post otherwise stupidity will reign supreme.

    I imagine that the US economy will muddle along for several years as
    it seeks a direction and as ill sighted intervention stretches the lesson learning lump into a protracted period of chronic pain.

    RE will continue to fall as it seeks the affordability curve which will remain dynamic as falling income continues to pull it down.

    But never the less the sky will not fall in. No lessons will be drawn from the middle east and everyone will muddle along.

    Welcome to Latin America
  5. Economic collapse.

    That's what you get for allowing 3 decade of republican mismanagement and cronyism.
  6. Why do you bother to post on such a thread...here is why: you are a liberal idiot who finds it necessary to defend the crap that Obama has spewed down your lungs, heart and what little brain you have...that is why you post here! Further, if you can get by my "humorous rant" than you will see that you are an optimistic fool! See the light - Dems and Reps are the same....liberalism and progressivism are just bullshit to pit one group against another...come out of the Democrat and Republican parties! The equivalent on the Republican side is the "neo-con" shit! Check out the work of Alexander Tytler on the cycle of nations - the US is in the "dependence" stages...next step....slavery! It doesn't matter whether it is a Dem or a Rep leading...they both will lead us to slavery!


    P.S. My REAL goal here is to make you see that "liberals" and "conservatives" now are pushing us toward slavery and that the only way to avoid slavery is to roll back the changes that they have taken away from our freedoms - both Reps and Dems have taken away our freedoms...both Bush and Obama have pushed the crappy Patriot Act bullshit on us!
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    I wouldn't call what we're about to go through an economic collapse but life as we know it is going to change drastically. The state I live in plans to cut 400 state troopers and 16,000 teachers. More public employees will be sure to follow. Unemployment is likely to stay high until the states get their finances in order. Then there's the Federal Government's finances. Ohhh....the Federal Govt's finances. I suppose all that really matters there is that Goldman gets their bonuses.
  8. I given this some thought and frankly all I can say is: Today may be as good as it gets.

    I thought Obama would be someone young, fresh, I had my fill of another old white guy in a suit for President. Obama is the epitome of 21st century marketing, Mister Madison avenue himself.

    He's a BlackBerry app.
  9. This poll shows how utterly stupid most people are. Of course the US economy could collapse! Anything is possible. Could there be life on Mars? Could be. How do the pollsters define an economic collapse? Why am I bothering to post on such an irrelevant topic?

    LOL another smart academic who post on this site...

    Lets see...

    80% of the home loans are controlled by the GOV

    about 100% student loans are controlled by the Gov.

    GM, owned by the Gov.

    Banking Bailout, gives the GOV more power over the financial World.

    Health care, now controlled by the gov and one of the biggest take overs of a key industry. (First move in Atlas Shruggs)

    New home sales lowest, even lower than when they started to track it in the 60s.

    Unemployment numbers, not slowing, you will see a spike in the next quarter.

    States, mainly "BLUE STATES" are bust.... NY Laying off 17,000 gov. workers.

    IT is all ready collapsing in most of the country. Only a few bright spots and I live in one of them.

    So, while the fools, academics and clowns try and figuer how the economy will fall or what defines a collapse...the smart ones have all ready made plans, relocated to the few states that are strong, took a job in a industry that may weather the storm, have taken to the protection of their wealth.

    Let me guess, because the stock market is near 11000, on very light volume ....the Economy is Strong?

    IL going to a 4 day school week....far more states to soon lay off workers.

    Because some GDP numbers have come in positive, the economy is on solid grounds?

    Because the dollar happens to have bounced, the economy is stablized?
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