79,145 Members and Growing

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  1. man, the competion is strong, every day just new memebers are added? how many people are kicked out of the market for GOOD
  2. 79145 Members

    50000 are aliases

    20000 are no longer trading

    8000 were SPAMMERS who got banned

    1000 rarely post

    100 post often

    43 post information worth reading

    2 (Stock_Trad3r and Stock777) constantly troll the board posting the same drivel day in and day out, making the other 79143 members not want to come here anymore.
  3. is it time for an ET facebook group? :D

    Like 'I'm an Elite (paper) Trader"
  4. Don't knock it. This site could fetch a few billion in an IPO.
  5. Pekelo


    ...and where are our promised new features for this year???