777's So Cal Surf and Trade Report

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Sep 12, 2002.

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    You are too much... :D

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  2. Optional777 is getting out of control. He has gone from amusing, to annoying, to tasteless, to inflamatory.

    However, it doesn't bother me. He's such a good trader that he has all this spare time during market hours to use Photoshop while scalping 3 cents on CSCO.

    Great job asshat.
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  3. DTK


    (LOL) Hahahahahahahaaaahhahahaaa!!!
    Dude... you have too much time.
    It's a nice and comical break after having being stopped out of a couple of new shorts by Saddam.

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  5. umm... is that for real?
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  6. so how does plastic surgery work?
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  7. Bad way to start the day.....

    [Mod: Adult Content XXX Avoid unless above 18]
    #37     Nov 18, 2002
  8. ....you are a very sick and demented human being.....That's what i really like about you!:D
    #38     Nov 18, 2002
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    Geez... I hope that never happens to anyone.
    Simply awful. (but funny as s**t though)

    #39     Nov 18, 2002
  10. I always knew bowling was a dangerous sport.

    2 Hurt in Bowling Ball Incident

    The Associated Press
    Friday, November 22, 2002; 9:24 AM

    PHILLIPS, Neb. –– Two people were injured when someone dropped bowling balls off an Interstate 80 overpass onto traffic early Friday.

    One ball struck a tractor-trailer, and another broke through the windshield of a van that was following close behind it, injuring two women inside, the Nebraska State Patrol said.

    State Patrol spokeswoman Terri Teuber said the women suffered cuts to their faces. "It's not life threatening," Teuber said.

    The truck's windshield also was broken when the ball hit it about 2 a.m. just east of Grand Island, but the driver wasn't injured, Teuber said.

    No one had been arrested Friday morning.

    "The parties involved in this incident are very lucky they didn't kill anyone," Teuber said.
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