777's So Cal Surf and Trade Report

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. DTK


    Is that Just for Men 'Beard and Body'? If so why not use it in your hair too? :D

    #21     Oct 22, 2002
  2. So my 5 year old kid comes home yesterday from school and tells me they were talking about safe sex in his class.

    Safe sex at the age of 5? Are you kidding me?

    I think I need to have a serious talk with the teacher at his grade school.

    Then he shows me some of the photos they were handing out on safe sex....

    Boy am I pissed off.
    #22     Oct 23, 2002
  3. These Bull Runs are a real pain in the ass:
    #23     Oct 24, 2002
  4. Bulls seem to be having their way at the moment....

    It can be quite painful to get gored in the "shorts."

    #24     Oct 28, 2002
  5. Those CNBC guys in the morning are so much fun.

    Here they are celebrating Halloween with the masks they are wearing to tonight's CNBC Halloween Party!

    I can't wait to see what the girls are going to wear.....
    #25     Oct 31, 2002
  6. Babak


    Hole in Juan!
    #26     Oct 31, 2002
  7. No need for a Halloween costume for Jacko....
    #27     Oct 31, 2002
  8. Bull Market, or bear market rally, or crack addicts back in business?

    The more things don't change, the less we recover.
    #28     Nov 4, 2002
  9. Ever wonder what Maria would look like if she was goosed from behind in the middle of her pre-market opening comments?
    #29     Nov 7, 2002
  10. In the words of Paul Harvey.......................Good Day!
    #30     Nov 11, 2002