777's So Cal Surf and Trade Report

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  1. Going through some old photos last night.

    Found my baby photos.

    Take a look at this one....

    and remember, if you are with the crowd, you are usually wrong.

    Why are people surprised that we are selling off in September.....
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  2. sub7slak


    haha, where did you get some of these stuff?
    #12     Sep 24, 2002
  3. Help!!!

    I am trying to add a new deck to the house, and I downloaded the following plan from an architect named M.C. Eshcher, but every time I try to piece it together, I get a major headache....
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  4. If only for a day....
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  5. Goodbye Cruel Markets!!!
    #15     Sep 25, 2002
  6. Warning:

    The following photo is for mature audiences only. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN VIEW THIS:
    #16     Oct 15, 2002
  7. Recent photo of an investor who owned Enron, WCOM, and GBX in his retirement account:
    #17     Oct 16, 2002
  8. Thought for the day:
    #18     Oct 17, 2002
  9. Man, I am dog tired today.

    The old lady kept me up all night. The thing about older women, is once they want sex, they never seem to be able to get enough.
    #19     Oct 21, 2002
  10. Got into a fight with my new girlfriend last night.

    Why is it that chicks always want to pick a fight just before you are ready to fall asleep?

    She really pissed me off big time. No makeup sex either, that really sucks.

    She complained that I was too hairy.

    I told her most chicks dig a hairy chest....

    What do you think?
    #20     Oct 22, 2002