777 must go

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  1. only a complete and total arshole could spend all day calling a bunch of go getters "loozers"....... Its time to end the miserable 777 ........ A problem may be that the piker has become dependant on los los los for momentum bias because the moron certainly couldnt feel it out on his own while making a total punchingbag out of himself all day.........Lets dispose of 777
    once and for all....Andre' and others have pm ed me on ideas of how to get rid of the infectious cancer after my last post......Its obvious the real "loozer" must go and lets do every thing we can to make it happen
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    What about fasterpussycat? He's in the same boat!
  3. So it's another one of those threads...

    Bound to be long and emotional...
  4. Uni


    Not even close, buddy. FPC is a lunatic, but he comes back to earth occasionally, even apologizing for his mis-comments from time to time. I enjoy most of his contributions.

  5. OTL.....WHat's the problem?? ..did you lose an argument to optional and now you want to get him back? This is stupid and do you really think you can get him kicked off? come on man..your better then this. ...I knock head with him sometime to but he is foten very thoughtful in his responsed and his pictures are always hysterical
  6. Honestly, I think 777 is a role player in ET... In real life, I'm not sure if he's the way he acts in here.

    There's no problem with expressing his egos that he can't in real life.

    We all have that to an extent.
  7. Keep him. He's a great example of the 'extreme' nobody wants to be like! Makes the rest of us look good - professionally, emotionally, financially and probably physically!!
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    Let the guy say what he wants to say - it's a free country. He has his own opinions, so what? I enjoy the diversity of perspective at ET, it's what makes it a great forum. And I oflen enjoy what 777 says, and I value the fact that he can say it with impunity, whether I agree with him or not. Censorship is a very dangerous slippery slope, let's stay far away from it.
  9. f censorship. if you don't like him (or anyone else), don't read his threads and/or put him on ignore.

    even for the ET members that i find most annoying, i would not request they be banned or censored (unless they are spammers).
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