777 for the DOW......LOL!!!

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  1. So who hit the JACKPOT today as the globalist casino crumbles??? :D

    From Yahoo........ "On Wall Street, according to preliminary calculations, the Dow fell 777.68, or 6.98 percent, to 10,365.45. The decline also surpasses the 721.56-point intraday decline record also set during the first trading day after the terror attacks. Still, in percentage terms, the decline remained well below the more than 20 percent drops seen on Black Monday of October 1987 and the Depression."
  2. hey dude,

    is that you? I have not heard from you on these boards in a minute. remember the trading challenges and bully on the playground from back in the day? do you still trade the spoos?
  3. I trade the ES and I do not trade the spoos. :)

    Yes I do remember all the fun from back in the day. :)
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    Don't worry DOW will go up 45 points if the bill passes. Senate will pass the bill but first investers should get F...ed first and then they will pass it. :D
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    It was saying, be happy I didn't go lower today.
  6. True......their is ALWAYS an "inventory grab" during any micro or macro wealth transfer.......A L W A Y S ! ! ! :)
  7. Why didn't they make it 777.77? It was so close.
  8. And the S&P fell 106 points to 1,106.
  9. fwiw,

    Cost of the bailout about 700 bilion; today's drop in total market cap, over 1 trillion.
  10. Actually the cost is unknown, the front money is $700B, much of which will returned. The loss in the market today of $1.4T fwiw.
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