7500- 7700=short term bottom

Discussion in 'Trading' started by kitty1996, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. I don't know where LT bottom is, no one knows either. However, short term tradable bottom is 7500-7700. If we retest the 7450 low this week and bounce back to 8000 this time, we should load up ......then unload for another 10-20% profit.

    Don't hold anything too long in this environment.

    5000-6000 might come in July-Oct of 2009. No way we will fall to 5000-6000 this week or even this month.
    5000-6000 is my guess for LT bottom.
  2. cool... :cool: :p
  3. Make up your mind. :cool:
  4. ^^ 5000-6000, it's my guess from the next long term support of the DOW. I don't know for sure & frankly I don't really care because it's too far to tradeable...lol. I am not going to wait till July-October of 2009...lol.

    Right now I am only concerned about the short term tradeable bottom....to make a quick profit of 10% in a few days or 2 weeks timeline. I hope this volatility continues... 10% move in a few days/or week is very unusual, golden opportunity in the market. We don't get this often in normal market. Let's use it, everyone.