$750 billion in FREE MONEY!!

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  1. Thanks Bernanke!
  2. Watch the dollar collapse in the next month.
  3. $750bn more of agency MBS; $100bn more of GSE debt; $300bn long-dated USTs. All adds up to a nice, tidy $1.15trn...

    I love the smell of fresh-printed money in the morning :)!
  4. Next meeting it will be raised to 2 trillion.
  5. Fed balance sheet now goes from $1.8 Trillion to $3.0 Trillion . . . These guys are very SERIOUS about reflating the Economy.

    Wonder what the Euros will do now.
  6. But fed could add another '0' to the excel spread sheet. 12.5 trillion won't be enough? :D
  7. Its official. the global economy has totally collapsed
  8. Cramer is happy.
  9. negative. It's still stronger then the Euro! :)
  10. You have just demonstrated that you make things up as you go - no way to prove a point.

    Ben and Co. are doing the right thing - at least they have the balls to act, unlike treasury. Geitner looks like a dear-in-headlights every time i see him.

    Debt does not have to increase at an exponential rate. Fiat currency can be a good tool as the market can destroy money supply.(hint: they stopped publishing M3 for a reason) People need to be scared into increasing savings rates and paying down debt, which is what the purpose of this recession is. If people don't get scared enough, it will turn into a depression.

    Again, Ben did the right thing, and the market confirmed it.(via arb on the future weaker USD, hence the rise in US equities)
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