.75 per 100 shares commission

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by swampthang, Nov 25, 2002.

  1. Which prop firm is going to be the first to break the .75 per 100 shares commission barrier (for all shares traded)??
  2. The edge

    The edge

    Some of the biggest allready has.....
  3. lescor


    Already being done dude. By several places.
  4. Heck, if that's all you want I'll give you and all your friends and family that rate tomorrow!!
  5. axehawk


    They already have (with monthly volume levels). (Bright, Echo, and Andover, etc)
  6. are you related to RANGER1968??
  7. no strings attached rate ... no monthly volume .. no tiered pricing

    Bright starts @ .01
    Echo same thing

    If .75 isn't the barrier for ALL SHARES TRADED for any trader, then what is it? .50 .25 .10

  8. I feel a sales pitch coming. Just get it over with.

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    Isn't meyerlansky and beaburt the guy that Andover is going to reprimand if he's caught soliciting on this site again?
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