$75 million mansion is most expensive lakeside Tahoe house ever

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  2. It's like something out of a fairy tale.
  3. vanzandt


    Look at image 2 of 13 at the very bottom where the water-line exits the picture. There's a little boathouse and dock.
    That is one amazing property.
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  4. The only thing that could make this property even better would be a beach, rather than those rocky cliffs.
  5. Humpy


    Think I will pass on this bauble !
  6. Maybe this is RiskArb's house?! :D
  7. Nice to look at, but not sure if it's something I would use all the time.
  8. jem


    Not arguing with the location or the home but 75 million seems high.

    also the camera work on some of those rooms made the rooms look distorted. Particularly the bedroom. It looks to me the wide angle lens was too wide open. If they had to do that then the room is not wide enough for a house that size.

    so while I would love to own that house... I wonder if its not very overpriced? Not claiming in any way to know the luxury market in tahoe... just knowing that sometimes one of kind luxury homes come on the market 30 percent too high or more.
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