7449.38 Will it break?

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Are we going to break Nov 20th Low?

  1. It will hold +- 100pts, and we will confirm the bottom..its buy

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  2. It's going down like Barney Frank at a boy scout camp

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  1. lrm21


    So, we just punched through 8000 again.

    Is the Nov 20th low 7449.38 dead man walking?
  2. good new in the AH from IBM..up we go
  3. I have been aggressively selling every rally for the test of the 52 week low......so I vote yes! :eek:

    I have positions I will start scaling out as the ES trades 785.00 and below (Rydex 200% Inverse S&P500 positions.....I ran out of ES SHORT bullets today with the hit of the 813's major support).
  4. Mvic


    Just don't get caught


    I endured some pain today and was stopped out of longs but remain convinced that a bottom that will hold for a while and spark a significant bear market rallly is close at hand.
  5. ipatent


    The Dow will keep dropping until Obama gives in and directs the rest of the TARP money to the banks.
  6. If nothing changes, it will probably hold. But who knows what the future has in store for us? GM or another major bank could go bankrupt; a foreign government could default on its debt, Mexico could invade the United States. Who knows? My crystal ball sucks.
  7. no more lows.
  8. Lots of new lows to come. We are in an ugly bear market at the moment. Long scalps only. Swing shorts only.
  9. the bear market is over. You have to know when to exit the short trade and ride the next 5-10 year bull market.
  10. lrm21


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