72 virgins and "heaven" both ridiculous and fake

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    For the most part, which one you believe/were indoctrinated with just depends on which part of the world you were born. How does that grab ya?

    I've thought of a good business. For a fee, I will help cleanse your mind of religious trash. Considering like 90% of you have swallowed it HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER, there are a lot of potential customers.
  2. newbunch


    So where do these 72 virgins come from? Were they virgins on Earth? Or are they created in heaven?

    And what happens after he has sex with them? Then he is stuck with 72 nagging wives.....
  3. A hymen is a part of a woman's genitalia. It's appearance is unsightly. Because an intact hymen is considered sacred, I ask you religious nuts, how do you revere feces?

    Sacred crap.
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    isn't it interesting how these religions treat women and gays poorly? it smacks of an obvious man-made bunch of crap. i'm surprised slavery isn't a part of them, too? OR IS IT?? LOL
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    What I am wondering is where the 72 virgins keep coming from. It's like an Allah factory keeps pumping them out.
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    muhammad!! quickly!! get me my knife!! I must remove the woman's clitoris!!! for allah!!!

    yeah, religion is great. let's keep pumping this crap into the heads of our children immediately!!! do it for god!! he is watching!!

  7. I was wondering that too. They use conveyor belts. One elf attaches the pinky toe, another the hymen.
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    which is more likely:

    a) god gives the men 72 virgins

    b) the whole concept was thought up by horny twisted cave men and is a bunch of s***.
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    don't you know god can snap his fingers and do anything he wants? I mean, after all, that's how we got here! :D he is omnipotent. do not test him, however. he can not be tested!! :D
  10. I'd bet that ssb and to choose a.
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