72% of black babies born in 2007 were

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  1. 72% of black babies born in 2007 were illegitimate compared with 51% of hispanic babies, compared with 28% of white babies and yet the GOP's VP candidate's kid bore a child out of wedlock and suddenly it's OK!
  2. Sure its ok. Everybodies doing it.:D
  3. GOP double standard, they are crying foul when the "liberal" media is shoving the mirror in their face.....
  4. The US & World press has virtually nothing to say when faced with the massive number of minorities in the US whom were born illegitimate, but cry (like babies) when one white person, whose mother's political thoughts don't jibe with theirs, has an illegitimate child.
  5. Hey Mag,

    I have decided I am going to post to you untill you answer this question.

    What are you going to do about it?

    Yep, all of your stats are correct. There, that was easy.

    Now, on the bigger issue. You are angry because you lack control,
    so you act out and say things for shock value.

    What you need to do Mag is find a way to get some control. Spouting the tenets of Stormfront is not the way. They have no more control than you do.

    They cannot affect policy, obviously. Look who the POTUS is.

    You want him to fail? He won't, Mag. Get over it.

    You come to ET because thankfully this forum of ideas is uncensored.

    So, I post in the spirit of free speech Mag. You post all these stats and such, but what are you going to DO about it?

    I will answer for you. Nothing. Because there is nothing that you CAN do.
  6. Can you read?

    I praised the forum.

    You, you are running against the wind:)

    Again, what are you going to do about it.

    Let me answer again. Nothing. You lack the resources, the connections, and the will.

    I agree with Detroit, et al. The people disagree with YOU

    As a result, you come here to vent, because no one else is going to hear that crap.

    "A little sumpin against the wind"- silver bullet band
  7. loik


    Is it OK to be controlled by religious leaders?