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  1. 72 countries were involved in World War 2. Is this true?
  2. There was about 50 just on our side, so 72 sounds about right.
  3. 9 countries were fighting with the Axis country (Germany, Italy, Japan). So if 72 countries were involved in World War 2 that means 63 countries were fighting for Allied countries (Britain, France, USA).

    But only Russia could stop Germany and Hitler otherwise Hitler would be ruling this world now.
  4. 61 countries were involved in World War 2.
  5. I seem to recall hearing the number 61 years ago. It really was a very big, broad war.

  6. You and Peil like to talk about war... History lesson for the 2 of you
    Many countries were involved in WW2. How does it matter?
    Some fought on the beaches , some fought against the bitches,
    Some fought in Bagdad...You and Peil were probably still in DADS BAG.
  7. Each country involved in or affected by World War 2 is listed with a brief description of its role in the conflict.


    King Mohammed Zahir Shah successfully kept his isolated kingdom out of the war. Oil prices went up and increased trade with Afghanistan making it richer throughout the war.

    Read this long article. I am not able to post it here. Almost all the countries seem to be affect by World War 2.

    http://www.century-of-flight.net/Aviation history/WW2/involved.htm
  8. Germany and Soviet Union (Russia) were allies when World War 2 started but later Germany attacked Russia. Only Russia could stop Germany.

    If Russia and Germany would have been allies till the end of World War 2 they would be ruling this world right now.

    USA and Russia were allies at the end of World War 2. But now Russia and USA are rivals. Also remember Cold war between USA and Russia. Strange world.
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    boogeyman...every country(i mean gvt) need one
  10. Somebody said to me "World War 2 was started by a single bullet".

    Somebody shot somebody and the World War 2 was started.
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