71 percent of Americans disapprove of the GOP's handling of debt ceiling fight

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  1. 71 percent of Americans disapprove of the GOP's handling of debt ceiling fight

    Are Republicans facing a serious political risk in rejecting President Obama's call for a sweeping plan to deal with the nation's debt crisis?

    With the deadline swiftly approaching to come up with an agreement that would raise the $14.3 trillion ceiling, a new CBS News poll finds Republicans losing the battle for public opinion in the debate, with 71 percent of Americans casting their disapproval of the GOP's handling of the crisis.

    Perhaps most notable: Fifty-one percent of Republicans in the survey say they disapprove of how their party leaders in Washington are handling the debt negotiations.
  2. Conservatives get excited when there is negative news about Obama but they should remember....

    Obamas approval ratings are around 45 % ,The GOP congress approval ratings are even lower

    48 % disapprove of Obama in the debt ceiling fight,71 % disapprove of the GOP in the debt ceiling fight

    Quinnipiac poll finds more Americans trust the president on the economy than the GOP congress, 45 percent to 38 percent

    Obama is beating Romeny by 5 in the polls and every other GOP candidate by 10-20(except that generic guy)
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    Yeah its interesting.....Obama already showed what a pussy he is by caving in on extending the bush tax cuts in December...

    The redumbs are feeling good after that win and are wanting to see just how big his pussy is or if he actually has a spine. Should be interesting to see how it shakes out. If he manages to grow a set of balls and says no cuts without tax increases then he can call the redumbs bluff. If the redumbs don't budge and the ceiling doesn't get raised and the treasury starts issueing IOUs to Social security, medicare, military, gov employees (we know bond holders will be paid in full first) then you'll have a whole new set of redumbs and independents suddenly voting demoncrat!

    People want to cut their neighbors benefits not their own afterall. Get your lottery ticket strangles ready folks :)
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    Fantastic. An entitlement state where the electorate is completely dependent upon the government. It is called socialism.

    If you think Obama comes out ahead with this arguement then take another bong hit. You guys keep rolling out this "Hopium" because truth be told you are hysterical about the crap economy and job market.

    The fact of the matter is that the debt ceiling will have absolutely no impact on the worse job market since the Great Depression - voters realize that Obama has had four years in office, half of which the Dems had a supermajority in terms of governance. Are you better off or worse off than you were four years ago ? Obama is toast. Jimmy Carter Part Deaux.
  5. Somebody is in a serious state of denial.Poll after poll show that no matter how pissed the people are at Obama,they are more pissed at the GOP and have less faith in the GOP
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    Have you completely lost your mind ? What happened in November of 2010 ? And the economic metrics and polling have only gotten worse for your Saviour.
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    Well I'm assuming you mean in general is the typical american better off or worse off than four years ago and the answer is the same as it has been for decades. Clearly NO as the gap between Rich and Middle Class has been widening for decades so nothing new here, Obama is not the exception but the rule.
  8. Not my Saviour,just a guy better then the current GOP candidates and polls show most Americans agree

    I dont recall Obama being on the ballot in 2010 and democratic turnout is always much lower in non presidential elections
  9. Yeah, he lost his mind years ago. He spends countless hours a day running his pro-Obama propoganda here on ET. In fact, it's such a time consuming passion of his that he can't do his civic duty of sitting on a jury.

    You'd think that guy who lives on the dole with his Section 8 housing, food stamps and the free cell phone could at least feel some guilt about paying the system back.
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