70K tesla 7500 dollar kickback, socialism?

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  1. I don't think anyone is even pretending it's capitalism. It's clearly a flat out subsidy. It's crazy.
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    MB S class price is at least 30% higher(which imo a big difference,when you comparing the sales)
  3. In one quarter, Taxpayers funded 36.62 Million dollars to help out Tesla buyers afford this car.
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    whores,that's why stopped my subscription. in one report(a bit earlier) they said that they can't report anything on it,cause the car ,that they ordered for test was DOA
    according to them-mazda is a great car, second place after something like lexus or toyota(overall,not just reliability) and everyone i talk about it(thinking about buying mazda 6 (11-12)for a relative) told me exact oppsite. and the prices on auctions confirms it. mazda sells 3-5K lower than same class toyota ,even Hyundai sells at higher prices. and there is a good reason for that.
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    Well, it isn't the kind of capitalism that you and I would like to see. It is rather typical, however, of what U.S. style capitalism has deteriorated into. Nevertheless, this type of corporate welfare fits very well within the three definitions of capitalism in my 1961, "American College Dictionary."

    One can argue that government, and therefore taxpayer, seed money is sometimes a good taxpayer investment if the money is returned to tax payers in the form of higher living standards, greater opportunity, more personal freedom, lower tax rates or other substantive benefits that would justify the cost, while at the same time avoiding irrational, unfair, and harmful movement of tax revenues from one pocket to another. Obviously there is a lot of wiggle room in evaluating future benefits to be derived. Evaluation may be quite faulty, non-objective, and subject to political pressure. Therein lies the rub.
  6. Fair enough. It is the corporate welfare wing of modern captalism.

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    Yes, exactly. See my edit addition above.
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    The libertarian "Musk" doesnt mind much.