$700Bn + $700Bn + $700Bn (USA help)

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    Bush government announced $700 Billion bail-out for "sinking Giant Mortgage companies and Giant banks" without any "Business brains"

    Then Bush government announced further $700 billion Stimulus plan for "sinking USA economy"

    Then Barack Obama government also has $700 Billion Stimulus plan for "sinking USA economy"

    That adds upto $2.1 trillion invested into "sinking economy"

    How does USA government expect to recover back $2 Trillion from "sinking economy" which has no "sales future".
  2. I hear Obama's plan is now a trillion!
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    There is a rule from "Mother Nature" that if a living creature makes a mistake, it has to die. Nature does not give second chance. For example-: In forest, if a Deer/Stag is sleeping carelessly, a Lion/Tiger or Grizzly Bear will kill and eat the Deer.

    But Human beings keep making mistakes after mistakes and further mistakes. They continue to survive after making mistakes.

    What I mean is that Fannie & freddie, AIG, Bear stearns, Citigroup, Big 3 carmakers & other giant companies and banks have made "Big mistakes" because they are "worthless & without business brains", They should not survive. They have to shut down, if not today then tomorrow.

    How long do you think "$2.5 trillion bail-out" will save Gaint companies and Banks. They have to shut down one day.

    "Mother Earth" does not have the resources to support 7 billion people. So the "global financial crisis" was inevitable (had to happen).

    "Global financial crisis" will happen again in future and it will continue to happen. Human beings and even $100 Trillion cannot STOP "Global financial crisis".

    Humans have a habit of digging their own grave with their own hands.
  4. One name for it could be "Blue Blood Expectations"....ie the old days of New Orleans....

    If one was one of society....one simply expected waiters, maids, and butlers.....

    But later one became "waiters, maids, and butlers"....

    Foxes and rabbits are cute.....

    But Foxes really do eat Rabbits....
  5. Let us not forget...

    1. It was the DemoCraps in 1999 which begain the Affirmative Action Lending program... that was as big a "no brains" decision as the world has ever seen.... AND WHICH LEAD TO THE CREDIT CRISIS THE WORLD IS SUFFERING TODAY!!

    2. It was the DemoCraps who VEHEMENTLY fought for any regulation or reigning-in the the Affirmative Action Loans... again, more "no brains".

    And now, boys and girls, we've got DemoCrap House, DemoCrap Senate, and DemoCrap (SuperSocialist) President elect...

    Any guess as to what even greater "no brains" plans are in store for us now? :mad:
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    Sun Dec 7, 2008 2:49pm EST

    DETROIT (Reuters) - Weeks before it runs short of cash, General Motors Corp may have won a reprieve from bankruptcy by U.S. lawmakers who reluctantly concluded it was too big to fail and the economy was too weak to take its collapse.

    Now the bad news: GM is still headed for wrenching restructuring under federal oversight that will hit its investors, creditors, dealers and workers almost as hard as if the top U.S. automaker had filed for bankruptcy protection.

    At least nine GM plants will be mothballed, another 30,000 workers will be dismissed, retirees will face rising health- care bills, bond holders will be paid off for as little as 30 cents on the dollar and stock holders could be wiped out.

    And that's the soft-landing scenario.

    If a now-shelved merger with Chrysler LLC is revived under government backing -- as some Republican lawmakers urged last week -- analysts expect up to 40,000 more job cuts and seven more plants to be shuttered from Michigan to Mexico.

    Complete report-: http://www.reuters.com/article/americasDealsNews/idUSTRE4B61UE20081207?sp=true