700Billion $ bailout = 3.5 Trillion $ problem ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Wallace, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. the Feds loaned money to AIG at 11.25% - no fools them

    so the presumption is the Feds are buying debt at a discount but
    at what amount ?
    if they're paying 20 cents on the dollar that means the 'problem'
    is 3.5 trillion dollars large, at 50 cents on the dollar it's 1.4 trillion
    dollars large

    one for instance example is Florida has a 5 year supply of condos
    another is how many homes(mortgages) have been demolished
    or in need of demolishing since they've been stripped and
    is the 700 billion just the downpayment ?
  2. The problem, in fact, has no monetary solution, because the bleeding is never stopped. The money can flow in the quadrillions and the bleeding will continue because they do not FIX THE PROBLEM.
  3. I'm reading 3trillion at this point.

    Reading means using some graphics as a consequence of gathering published data.

    The money is one dimension, the more significant is the time axis.

    I see trends as overlapping and the overlap started end of JUN06.

    We are now accelerating up to the the max acceleration following that the acceleration slows to zero and then a phase of deceleration starts, increases and then goes to zero.

    Obviously, there is tons of money to be made (like never before) and lots of places to apply the money to those in need.

    Once we get past the 20th of JAN a lot of things will get done.