700 Billion for what?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Mecro, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Mecro


    The value of the actual mortgages in question is significantly less. 100-200 Billion or so. If a "bailout" is to be established, the money should go to buyout the mortgages of defaulting homes and that's it. I'm against any bailout whatsoever, but thats besides the point.

    This is a stickup robbery by Wall Street and financial elite. Buy their worthless paper or face a financial crash. Too bad either way, you get screwed.

    This is a serious power grab, but it is sloppy and rushed. This might be the awakening the world needs.
  2. we need to stop this bailout
  3. this feels soooooo much like the Iraq war and the Amnesty deal of 2007

    the Amnesty/guest worker bill would be a complete disaster right now

    just say no to these traitors
  4. Atlantic


    well - now that the bush years are going to end - this is the final act.

    there are several groups of bush-buddies (and they spent a lot of money to buy their own president):

    now, lets see:

    first you americans gave billions and billions of $$ to 1. the companies who profited from the war.

    then because of all those wars the oil price started climbing and you gave even more billions to 2. the oil companies.

    now - as you will see - you fellas will give the rest of your money (money that does not exist anyway) - 3. to wall street.

    mission accomplished!!

    do you have any further questions?
  5. wjk


    I kept hearing panic in the pundits as they were making statements like: "Why can't we just pass it and then fix it if it's not a good plan." Isn't that's the problem with so much legislation now?
  6. That was good. Now do the same for Slick Willy.
  7. Mecro


    I'm surprised how much opposition this plan has gotten from within Congress, on top of the people writing their congressmen.

    Tne media machine is on 100% though, spreading lies and instilling fear.