700 Billion enough for Credit Crisis?

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  1. There are lots of discussions going around about the Fed and Treasury's proposed Historic 700 Billion Dollar Bailout plan. Each of the tax payer in America would pay 6000 of his tax to this mortage mess. Why such a huge penalty for the American tax payer when they are not really involved in any of the profits enjoyed by these greedy institutions that were currently failing.

    Greedy may be a little tough word but we need to use it. These corporate giants know what they were dealing with by giving loans to un reputed people and selling their crazy ideas out to the market. Now Fed is stepping in and paying for their fault. How come any american would accept this plan.

    Argument from Paulson and Bernanke is not very clear on how they would distribute the money into the market. They were not really confident on from whom they will buy this assets and how they will resolve the real issue by buying the toxic stock for higher price. If the institutions want to sell their assets let them do it on their own why Federal government need to take their loss.

    Fed is not a institution making profit from tax payers money. US has faced lots of turmoils prior why cant fed steps in those days. We faced the worst recession in 2001 when the dot com bubble burst occured. Lots of people lost their jobs and many technology companies went bankrupt. Why Fed havent funded them that time ? Not bailing out those people. How come they realized it suddenly at this point when goldman and morgan were losing their market caps.

    SEC was very patiently looking at Bear Sterns, Frannie, Freddie, Countrywide, Lehman, AIG and others going down. How come suddenly a special interest came in for Goldman and Morgan Stanley. We know Goldman announced last august the state of housing is bad and we are holding short positions on this vulnerable securities or so called toxic securities. Now these people came back and started to complain on short selling on their stocks.

    Being in the market so long how come one investment bank could complain SEC that they were being shorted and been brought down to floor. If they have everything clear on their balance sheet why cant they come to the investors and show up their actual balance sheet with facts and fundamentals. Why cant they show some future for thier company for making everyone of their stock holders happy.

    These people were enjoying profits and seeing others going down and now when it pay back they are hiding behind FED and SEC for their security and now each of the tax payer needs to pay off their problems.

    My take here is Congress should not agree for this 700 Billion proposal until there is a clear picture on whats going to happen with that.
  2. With Paulson trying so slip in the provision that his actions could not be "reveiwed nor overturned by anybody"... should make all of us suspicious to his honesty and motives.

    $700B enough? I'd be surprised. I wouldn't be surprised at 10x that.

    We should all be careful about what we believe and whom we trust...
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    Because the Banks provide credit for the economy as a whole, if banks start failing people will lose their savings if banks stop lending businesses go under the economy contracts, inflation collapses. And you have a depression. Thats the difference between this and the dot.com crash.

    Although I agree that the fuckers whose caused this shit should be shot.
  4. "And you have a depression."

    I don't think throwing bad money after bad money is going to fix the problem.

    Like Los Angeles mayor Tom Bradley said

    "If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown, flush it down."

    It's time to pull the handle.
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    By past these banks to provide credit then, no one said you have to go thru the same people that create this problem to solve it.

    Create a 700B national bank, cut tax or have the government spent it.

    If you form a 700B national bank, Federal Reserve rule allow you to do at least 10 x amount of loan. That will be 7T credit injection. 100x Better than going thru Paulson & co.
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    This is a spoof right? I mean US Senators don't go around upsetting lobbyists like that anymore.
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    above sentence sounds like a game plan.
    what is your next step?
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