$700 billion dollar offset bond delivered/issued.

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  1. I actually just saw this on facebook, but I thought it was probably photoshopped or something so I went to the website,subcribed and found the article myself. Looks like its real.

  2. Likely a nut:


    "Dr. P. Vernon Crowell-B…

    (A division of the Moorish Science Temple of America)

    If you are paying bills there is something you should know. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his "NEW DEAL", made financial slaves of you. When he took ACTUAL MONEY out of the hands of the people, he made, "ECONOMIC SLAVES" of your parents and you. What are you supposed to pay bills with when he took away the "LAWFUL MONEY" and outsourced the creation of money to the, "FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM"?

    You now have a lawful way to satisfy your presentments w/o federal reserve NOTES.

    End Mortgages - $500 notes
    Satisfy IRS Tax Bills - 500 notes
    End Student Loans - $500 notes
    Satisfy Property Tax presentments $500 notes
    End Car notes, boats,etc. - $500 notes
    Satisfy PG&E bills $150 notes
    Satisfy Credit Cards & Store Charge Cards $150 notes
    Satisfy Traffic Tickets - $150 notes
    Satisfy Child Support arrearage $300 notes
    End Medical Bills - 10 % percent of bill
    Satisfy Judgements - $500 notes
    And More...........