70% of all Stock Market Trades are held for an average 11 SECONDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Who are these !@#$ bloodsuckers, making money without contributing anything to the economy? How come nothing is done to prevent this scheme? If someone is making money without contributing anything to the society that means; all working people are paying for it.

    !@#$%ing blood suckers!!!!


    The Fourteenth Banker writes today:
    In the stock market, program trading dominates volume. I heard recently that 70% of trade positions are held for an average of 11 seconds.
    He's correct.

    As the New York Times dealbook noted in May:
    These are short-term bets. Very short. The founder of Tradebot, in Kansas City, Mo., told students in 2008 that his firm typically held stocks for 11 seconds. Tradebot, one of the biggest high-frequency traders around, had not had a losing day in four years, he said
    Similarly, FT's Martin Wheatley pointed out last month:
    I know of one HFT firm operated out of the west coast of the US that boasts its average holding period for US equities is 11 seconds
    And market analyst Peter Cohan writes at AOL's Daily Finance:
    70% of trading volume on the major exchanges is conducted by high-frequency traders who hold a stock for an average of 11 seconds.
    The fact that the vast majority of stock market trades are held for 11 seconds shows that the stock market is not a real market with real traders governed by the law of supply and demand, and that there is no real price discovery.

    But as Tyler Durden points out, alot can happen in 11 seconds when the players are high-powered computers:
    BATS "Flag Repeater". 15,000 quotes in 11 seconds, dropping the ASK price 1 penny each quote from $9.36 to $8.58 and back up again.
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    Awesome fucking find, this tells you that this market is being manipulated to the fullest extent, that this whole notion of a real market place is not true. What does that tell people when 70% of the market trades are held for 11 seconds. Something needs to be done now to curb this kind of greed, why they are taking this long to set something into motion to eliminate this kind of trading is beyond me. This is just the beginning of what is ahead for this market and the greed it creates.
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    Why are you on a day trading forum?

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    who are the customers(suckers) of those HFT firms? if my order was held for 11 seconds even fucking ONCE-i would run as far as i can from those mofo's
  5. Remarkable:

    "Tradebot, one of the biggest high-frequency traders around, had not had a losing day in four years".
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    That 70% number is what the Genius COO Stewart of the NYSE estimates. He pointed out that about 70% of the NYSE volume is HFT based.

    Looks like encouraging HFT's by the NYSE to put their servers AT the NYSE for $15,000+month fees worked. The NYSE collects their fees, the HFT's front run, create phantom volume, and stuff quotes.

    Undermining what integrity the markets had left= $15,000+month paid to the NYSE Mafia.

    Being able to do the above and it's all legal= Priceless:mad:

    Looks like the line by Gekko was spot on, "I used to say greed was good. Now it seems it's legal..."

    Then the opening line of his speech in the new movie: "looks like you are all pretty much fucked."
    I tend to agree, sadly...:(
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    So all we have to do now is hedge for 9 seconds and all these hft's would go to the dumps. :)
  8. Why is that worse than only holding for 11 minutes or 11 hours? It's all nothing more than pure speculation...
  9. Now you know, rale against it or exploit it. I'll spend my time on the latter.

  10. I would estimate, what, 80% of people out there are doing make work jobs that contribute no economic value.

    The economy does not need most workers anymore do to automation and offshoring. We have a massive oversupply of people. You need to judge yourself by other criteria.

    As I have said before if HFT ticks you off, you are trying to compete in a way that is not logical given your position in the market. Sorry to break it to you.
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