-70 already. Its over. Another bubbly scam comes to an end

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  1. as does your futures account.
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  3. Parabola.... of Death

    :eek: :D
  4. Is it even 25% off of it's highs?

    One of the greatest bull markets I have ever seen had a day where it was down 20% in a day.
  5. it will be green by the morning
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    This knife's a bit sharp even for my nutty contrarian taste. I still maintain my 1,400 target per my journal, but would like to refine the #, and also watch the price action around that level, if and when we do reach it.
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    You're out of your m.. what I meant to say was, Good sir, I do respectfully disagree with your prediction.
  8. If it blasts through 1400, you might catch knife around 1100 if you're really bold.
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    Yeah, I'm not particularly enthused about making my target be the attempted reversal point. It's just a profit target based on a measured move rough estimate and one possible uptrend support.

    In actuality the uptrend support is time-dependent so needs massive refinement.. it's still a broad stroke to use 1,400 as a target, particularly given the price action of the past two days. From eyeballing, it will probably be in the mid 1,300's, but I would have to confirm.
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