$7 to charity, get $7000 of trading education

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  1. Look at the ppl that are teaching those courses, they are EDUCATORS, not traders. This should be a red flag to you.

    The only people that can give you a realistic guide to learning techniques and strategies is following a successful real trader who presently trades live, whether it be forex, stocks/options, etc.

    I wouldnt give $2 bucks for these so called educators, they are a dime a dozen these days...

    By the way, what are you looking to specialize in? forex, stocks, commodities..?
  2. da-net


    from the website;

    Some of the contributors are: Dustin Pass, Big A, Cecil Robles, John Thomas, Options University, Jason Fielder, OU Forex Trader, Compass FX, Bill Polous, Craig Harris, Trade The Markets (John Carter and Hubert Senters) and many more.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but John Thomas "hedge fund", John Carter and Hubert Senters "still trading", Dustin Pass "FX news trader" and I believe some of the others are still trading

    I wouldnt give $2 bucks for these so called educators, they are a dime a dozen these days...

    from the website;

    all the funds collected are being donated to charities, specifically Make A Wish, Feed The Hungry, Breast Cancer, and American Rescue Dog association

    I understand if you don't believe that you might pick up an idea or two from them, but even though I can't understand not wanting to help charities ....unless your trading this year has been so bad that you don't have the $7

    I recently adopted a Dalmatian that was about to be euthanised and I saw all those ones that I could not adopt, but I signed up for this so that I could help the American Dog Rescue. If I pick up any ideas to help my trading that is just icing on the cake to me.:D :D
  3. You can get a lot of these education webinars for free at many sites. Here are a couple of links:



    You can pick up an idea or two from some these webinars. However, some of the so called mentors or educators have such obnoxious self-promotion I cannot listen to them for long. Besides, what they teach may be useless w/o their pricey indicators.

    I won't waste my time learning an indicator that is not freely available somewhere.

    There is only so much marketing I can tolerate even in a free webinar. I will not pay for these marketing webinars. It doesn't matter if it is for charity.

    That say, you may get an occasional exception to all the marketeers.

  4. I'm looking to daytrade commodities and the e-mini.

    BTW, I've been getting e-mailed videos from Trade The Markets for a few years and they do trade. but they charge arm and a leg for their systems.
    $7 might be worth the chance to learn something useful.
  5. so, no more takers?
  6. those that can , do.......