7 Supplements We Would Never Spend Money on Again

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  1. I take all of those, except 7 and 5. And a whole lot more. I have a whole duffle bag of vitamins, minerals and supplements.
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  2. I prefer food. Although I do take a fairly generic daily multivitamin.
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  3. Bugenhagen


    I use food unless training hard but a Centrum every 2-3 days peps me up a lot.
  4. This has to be one of the dumbest articles that I have ever seen. I would chop up all of the points made in it but will not waste my time doing so. As far as taking a generic multi-vitamin, that is an error. Taking Centrum as the Boogie man mentioned, is also a big error. People, please do some real research before putting idiotic cheap supplements in your body.
  5. Pekelo


    One of the biggest bullshit list and article. Burning through your wallet? Melatonin is literally the cheapest supplement, a year supply is 4-5 bucks!! Vit C is also dirt cheap. I don't use vit E but all on the list are useful.

    Dosage, dosage. The idiot who wrote the article took way too much Melatonin, that is why she was groggy in the morning. You only need 300 microgram, not the 1 mg (or 3,5,10) that they sell you.

    Fish oil is the only really expensive on the list and even that can be useful for certain problems.

    Belly fat tea is not a supplement, that is some new age BS.
  6. Nobert


    B12, magnesium, glucosamine/chondroitin, vitamines C and D and fish Oil (not eating fish/very little).

    They mention vitamin C, yet, rather would have ,,too much of it" than not enough.
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  7. %%
    I like a multi vitamin;
    + can tell a difference in 30 days. And miss it, if i ever run out; even though if i skip it one day, can't tell a difference:caution::caution:
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  8. Nobert


    I kinda can tell the dif without few pills, but it could be, just a placebo effect.
    Multivitamins, more practical, less playing with all of em pills in the morning.
  9. If you want to be an Elite trader and avoid Coronavirus....you need to make sure you ingest a whole duffle bag of vitamins, minerals, and supplements daily. My advice to you, is to buy all kinds of pills in the supermarket.
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