7 Reasons to Trade the ES

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Why do you love trading the ES?...what are your reasons?
    1-High profile SP 500
    2-amazing soaring volume
    3-great liquidity
    4-much talk about it
    5-great moves
    6-great leverage
    ...others?...lets hear it!
  2. A gleaming cut throat razor of a bitch. Like so many delicious vamps just giving you that steamy look and thinking of whats in your wallet.:)
  3. dont forget about a tick of slippage on the way in and on the way out if your using limits... gotta love it

    however, allows for large size
  4. I would like to hear from those that traded the ES and failed. Also, where they think they went wrong and what they are trading now.
  5. would you look at this YM stat...read this...we are hours away from the change...as of thursday trading...here is the YM volume for the last 2 days...only INCREASING...WED 243,424 THURS 260,540 UP by 17,116 or 7%
    will this keep up come monday on Globex...very serious!
  6. "You don't hear much about guys who take their shot and miss, but I'll tell you what happens to 'em. They end up humping crappy jobs on graveyard shifts, trying to figure out how they came up short."

  7. Tums


    helllllllooooo ?

    is there anything between the ears?
  8. The guy is an annoying moron with nothing better to do than come up with these stupid questions and statements
  9. The ignore function is a blessing but Baron says that there is a 'bug' which allows threads started by resident irritants like increasenow, who are on my ignore list, to display in the main page thread list. I'll bet that's a bug that Baron is in no hurry to fix, seeing how page views would get hit (no offense, Baron, I know you have a business to run.

    Very serious!!