$7 million is not enough to be rich

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  2. The rest of the world thinks Americans are a table of Hollywood Housewives sitting around eyeballing each others purses for whose must have cost the most. Thats the girl with the upper hand ...the power. Look who appears to be getting rich in America, it doesn't seem like the hardest workers, it seems like
    the biggest hucksters spewing out the most garbage. Its all about distribution. When you've got the whole world to sell to
    you can be selling costume jewelry on HSN and get rich, but try to elbow your way onto that show. Then right next to it on my cable are legions of televangelists -- they must be working their asses off. Its why people go to school ...to get out of Work.
    Its gotten to where Work pays the least and networking pays best.

    Pol Pot :D
  3. One of the biggest, and worst exports of America are the reality shows.

    People in other countries actually think the case of Jersey shore is what Americans are really like...

    Or is the cast of Jersey shore a true example of how dumbed down Americans have become?

  4. It is maddening isn't it, how Snookie can be such a hit and that kid with the goofy haircut. Third world here we come.

    That I'm even aware of their existence brings me down since I'll bet there are academics and scholars who don't even know they exist. Where did I go wrong.

  5. reality shows are about revenue...who's against that :D
  6. Nails it:

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    Who the hell is Snookie?

  8. Thats it ...rub it in. :confused: