7 Days In November

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  1. All up, in a row...Nasdaq...
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  2. Only 60 points, big deal.

    We haven't had a one day 100+ point Nasdaq move in a long time and are due for one. Either direction.
  3. Good to see chit chat didn't burn all of your neurons.....

    You were able to figure this out all by your yourself.



  4. S2007S


    I think if you were to ask the question about a 100+ move either up or down, most now would agree with an up 100+ direction....IF the nasdaq is up again tomorrow I think I may look to add a short position Wednesday morning. Nasdaq needs some sort of pullback sooner or later.
  5. Hey, someone brought it to my attention.

    Just passing it along, for good or bad...

  6. In that case I have no choice but take my congratulatory comment back....


    maybe next time.....

  7. why oh why am I the only one seeing that tomorrow ES along with nasdaq will drop

    what do you people use for trading, do you not see that volume is declining and intraday bulls cracked

    they cracked like a dirty crack whore that stumbled onto a cop
  8. S2007S


    if there is any decline im looking for NDX 1750...seems far away and that it may not seem possible, but no one could have predicted 1800+ on the NDX 100 back in August. So anything is possible in this amazing market.
  9. Why think when we have so many deep thinkers here at ET to do that work for me?


  10. its thanksgiving. big money is in the hamptons with their girlfriends. home for thanksgiving and back to business next week
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