7 chart types compared to 1 min chart

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  1. 6E Euro FX contract
    charts via NinjaTrader, feed CQG
    some charts have MA 1 C , all charts have #gmacd - Guppy MACD
    see basic charts settings on left side of Menu and chart
    comparison charts' settings arbitrarily sized to the period the 1 min covers

    note: MetaTrader has a couple or more chart types via an indicator ? script ? ea ?

    Charts: on left is 1 min, then
    line break
    1sec v 1 tick - one tick is one trade having variable quantities of contracts traded
    1sec v 1 volume/contract - volume is quantity of contracts traded - one
    1 volume/contract v 1 tick

    some observations
    : constant versus variable price, time, waves movement - ie time v tick, volume
    : speed of process, that is speed of tick, volume quantities being reached
    : leverage used to trade with
    : 'time period' being traded - ie one could use a 10,000 tick or volume quantity
    : different instruments may require different settings
    : different instruments may require different settings for particular indicator/s being
    used and/or DOM data etc
    : too much information versus amount of detail desired, or, which chart type and
    settings provide the most useful - profitable information
  2. pose question.