7 Billion people

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/cheers-fears-world-population-hits-7-bln-084502012.html

    Just reading this article and noticed the comments section and how all these people say "Theres too many people on Earth now! It's causing poverty!"

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. 2000 years ago there was only 200-300 million people on earth and nearly EVERYONE was in poverty.

    The people who are in poverty now, 99% have always been in poverty throughout history. Increased world population didnt make them poor. Its just taking them longer to get out of poverty than it took us.

    When the US was founded, there were about 3 million people here and poverty was great. Now there are 300 million people and there is very little poverty.

    Any country today with a declining population is not getting better off. Thats a fact.
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    What about food and fresh water supplies?
  3. Some population scientists have said... "The planet can support in a healthy fashion, only about 3 Billion humans". Don't know if that's right or wrong, but seems logical. Also, there are not "jobs" nor "quality, well-paying jobs" for everyone" as we stand.

    More people is not the answer. Fewer people... many, MANY fewer could be an answer.
  4. i heard some dumbassed christian this weekend saying the same thing. he said all 7 billion could fit in texas so there is plenty of room. its not about space its about resources.
    what arguement can be made for a need for more people in the world?
  5. Americans who are only 5% of the world eat 8 billion chickens per year. I dont see us running out of chickens anytime soon, do you?

    As for water. A 10 minute shower uses 50 gallons of water, which is enough water for a human to survive on for about 3 months. There is plenty of water and food around.
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    According to standard economic theory you rarely run completely out of a resource, because as supply shrinks the price rises.
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    Tsing Tao

    Eventually (and I won't begin to fathom when this happens) the planet can no longer sustain a growing population. There's just no way around that uncertainty.

    We need FTL travel. We need to begin to explore our galaxy, and the only way that happens is if everyone is on board of the project.
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    If you are against population growth you can easily kill yourself right now and help out.
  9. still waiting for a good argument as to why the world needs a larger population.
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    It doesnt. But you can help out right now if you like.
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